Thursday, May 17, 2018

The Joy of Micro Collecting Update with Complete New York Rangers Retired Numbers Autographs

When I wrote my original article on The Joy Of Micro Collecting I was looking for creative solutions to keep me collecting but that wouldn't consume large amounts of time.  Coming up with small collecting tasks that I could complete easily and quickly was a revelation for me and greatly satisfied my completionist tendencies.

Choosing to collect on-card autograph cards of all the players that have numbers retired by the New York Rangers was the perfect start to my micro collecting back in 2015.
There were only 8 players with retired numbers and I already had 3 of them. (Side note, I don't include Gretzky in this group because his number was retired by the league, not by the Rangers.)

It didn't take long to complete this collection. Considering six years had past since the last number to be retired, I considered this Micro Collection to be complete, so I moved on to other projects.

Then, out of the blue, the Rangers announced in August of 2017 they would retire Jean Ratelle's number 19 in 2018.

Now my collection was incomplete.